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Foaling Services

FOALING OUT MARE (24 hour Monitoring)

Limited Availability – $ 1000.00 plus board, includes the $250.00 Monitoring Foaling System. Mares are monitored 24 hrs a day.

Emergency veterinarian assistance, medication or supplementation for mare and/or foal when necessary – Actual cost

$22.00 daily board dry mare
$24.00 daily board wet mare

Extended stay, post foaling, is not available unless mare is being re-bred by Dr. Alicia Lindholm of Bandalero Ranch Equine Sports. Mare and foal must be picked up when stable to travel, which is determined by Dr. Lindholm.




Dr. Alicia Lindholm, the resident veterinarian for Bandalero Ranch which is also owned by the Rogers Family. She is on call 24 hours a day for mares foaling at Rogers Heaven Sent Ranch.

For more information on additional veterinarian services visit us at Rogers Bandalero Ranch Equine Sports, Rehabilitation & Reproduction.